Be your own DesignerTo be original today is not an easy thing to accomplish. You come across this vintage top at a hole-in-the-wall store and think you have found something that no one else has, till you meet up with friends and one is wearing the same thing.
To really be different, you need to design your own bags and clothes and accessories. It is not as hard as it sounds. A little help can be found online from Freddy and Here you can pick fabrics and hardware and put them together to make something that is your style alone.
There is another site called 1154 Lill Studio where the lining of your chosen purse can be your choice also. All the details can be of your choosing and your style will emerge as yours alone. Beginning April 1, this site will also have shoe customizing.
Shoes too can be personalized, will let you even have your name on the tongue of your shoes so someone in the gum won’t mistake them for theirs. Take some time to search for that customizing feature online or if you are crafty, work with what you have at home already and just make those little changes that will make it a one-of-a-kind.

Out On the TownEventually we all go out on the town and we all have our idea of what that consists of clothing wise. Someone recently hit many night clubs in Los Angeles and pointed out what they felt were no-no as far a fashion goes. The first one was somewhere wearing short shorts with a halter top that was too tight. Another look they felt was not a good sight was the silver purse worn along with a silver top. One or the other is fine but not the two together.
Another site was the short dress that was maybe just a long top but this girl felt she could wear it as a dress. It only takes a little bending over to flash parts that should not be flashed.
Here is another one, tights with sandals. Where is she going, to the beach or the office, maybe she has her destinations confused. Bra straps that are visible are just awful but if they must show at least make sure they are the same color. Then there are those girls who twist up their hair but use a pen to hold it up. Even if you are going out right from work, you can leave the pen at work and replace it with something better suited for where you are going.

What not to WearFor slenderizing all shapes of bodies, begin by elongating your neck with V-neck clothing, dresses or tops. Good posture is so important, so keep your shoulders square and stand tall. Pants that have straight legs will also give that illusion of “taller” so shop for those too.
The Empire waists are so good for this look as are eye catching jewelry and accessories that are long like necklaces that are long to your waist. Picture this, you are wearing a all black outfit and you put a white belt on. Right there you just cut that line that was long and lean and cut it in half. A dark belt is the better choice and so would be dark stockings if you are wearing a skirt.
Wearing one color is never any fun, unless you don’t want to be seen, so this is where the fun accessories come into play. Shoes and handbags can be added without cutting that line of long and lean. Steer away from those pants with front pleats as they tend to make you look bulky. The A-line dress works for so many figures. This is the top of the list of dresses that will help conceal many areas that women seem to want to cover up.

Swimsuits and UnderwearSwim suites today come in a range that will take care of just about anything that you want to conceal. Some have skirts if you feel you want to hide your hips. Some ladies tried a suit with a skirt and no longer feel self conscious around the pool and they enjoy themselves more for this reason.
It is also good for those moms who need to be moving around chasing kids and won’t have to worry about showing to much somewhere. It has given them peace of mind for all they do around a pool since they never just sit and relax.
For clothing to look good on you, you need to look good underneath. The proper undergarments are crucial to how the fabric hands on you. Once upon a time, bras were very different that today but now they come in so many styles and fabrics, there is no reason to not have proper fitting bras. If you want, there are those who can make custom fitted bras. If nothing else, your undergarments should be comfortable or else you will be tugging and arranging them all day and we all have seen this happen.

Flaunt what You Have GotThere are those who are out on-the-town for the evening but have not dresses in the way suiting. Many fashion blunders are found all the time at night clubs and you could be one. For those with that fantastic figure who feels she wants to flaunt it in a tight dress should take a look at herself in the mirror before leaving the house. Tight is nice, but too tight is like you are wearing nothing at all or maybe the dress belong to your little sister.
Sloppy is also not the look for hitting the town. If you know about body language then know that crossing your arms across your chest give the message of “stay away” and looks very unfriendly. It will repel anyone who might head your way.
OK, so you work out at the gym but don’t wear your gym clothes out on the town. Adding a few accessories will never dress up gum clothes in a way to make them acceptable for going out. Or maybe you plan on going on a midnight jog later that evening.

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